Sabtu, Oktober 30, 2010

Danny Elfman Recalls 'Batman' Score Stand-Off, 'Craziest Story Of All' With Prince And Studio

Situs MTV mem-publish wawancara mereka dengan Danny Elfman, berikut kutipannya mengenai Elfman-Burton Music Box:

And it’s all there, I just decided, "F--- it. Put it out there." And that’s weird. I am a very, very private person, and there was a lot of arm-twisting. It’s kind of like letting people into that side of me. It’s a great leap forward — let’s put it that way. If you would've asked me a couple years ago if I would do it, I would’ve never even had remotely considered it — just the same way I would never be on Facebook. I’ll be the last person to not be on Facebook. I have no desire to share myself.

Baca lengkapnya di sini. Ini katanya adalah bagian pertama, akan ada bagian lain membahas berbagai macam hal termasuk kerja sama berikutnya antara Danny Elfman dengan... Sam Raimi??? Ada masalah antara Elfman dengan Raimi pada pembuatan Spider-Man 2, mungkin udah baekan lagi ya dan ada kerja sama berikutnya...

Hugh Jackman 'Excited' to Make Musical Magic on Broadway in Houdini

Situs mem-publish artikel mengenai komentar Hugh Jackman untuk musical Houdini pada tanggal 26 Oktober lalu, berikut kutipannya:

“We’re going to do a workshop of that in January [2011], so we’re off and running,” he told on opening night of Driving Miss Daisy. “We have some amazing people on board: [writer] Aaron Sorkin, [composer] Danny Elfman, [director] Jack O’Brien. It’s going to be a really, really interesting group, so I’m excited.”

Baca lengkapnya di sini.

World Soundtrack Awards 2010

Howard Shore: "THAT should've been mine"
Pada tanggal 23 Oktober 2010 kemarin, para pemenang World Soundtrack Awards 2010 sudah diumumkan. Berikut kutipannya:

Alexandre Desplat was chosen as Film Composer of the Year 2010 and took home the award for Best Orginal Film Score of the Year (Fantastic Mr. Fox) for the second year in a row. Ryan Bingham & T Bone Burnett received the World Soundtrack Award for Best Original Song Written for Film (‘THE WEARY KIND’ from “Crazy Heart”) and Abel Korzeniowski is the Discovery of the Year Award and Public Choice for A Single Man. John Barry received the World Soundtrack Lifetime Achievement Award.

Baca lengkapnya di sini.

Richard Kraft on the Elfman-Burton Music Box

FSM mem-publish artikel mengenai Elfman-Burton Music Box dari Richard Kraft pada tanggal 15 Oktober 2010 (yeah old news, sorry huhu..), berikut kutipannya:

There are rumors about a scaled-down, CD-only version without the bonus material, or about selling all the discs as individual CDs. What can you tell us about that?

Warner Bros. Records is handling the sales, promotion and marketing on this and doing a fantastic job. I have heard of no plans for them to make anything other than the full Music Box including all the CDs, USB, book, DVD, box and zoetrope. I do know the deals we made with the various studios and record companies were for this Music Box configuration only.

Baca lengkapnya di sini.

Sabtu, Oktober 09, 2010

Exclusive Clip From WB'S 25TH Anniversary Music Box

Laporan situs Ain't It Cool News (AICN) untuk Tim Burton & Danny Elfman Music Box dilampiri dengan video eksklusif obrolan Tim Burton dan Danny Elfman tentang Beetlejuice. Baca lengkapnya dan lihat videonya di sini.

Danny Elfman upcoming projects include Real Steel, Men in Black 3

Ada satu (tepatnya dua) hal yang mungkin terlewat ketika membaca berita Tim Burton & Danny Elfman Music Box yang heboh. Di bagian "about Danny Elfman" dari press release Warner Bros. Records, tercantum upcoming projects-nya dan tercantum di sana Real Steel dan Men in Black 3. Mengenai keterlibatan Elfman di Men in Black 3 sudah dapat diperkirakan namun pengumuman mengenai Real Steel ini adalah hal yang baru. Baca press release-nya di sini.

Real Steel berasal dari cerita pendek karya Richard Mateson mengenai olahraga tinju di masa datang. Cerpen ini pernah diadaptasi menjadi salah satu episode seri TV The Twilight Zone tahun 1963. Film ini diproduksi oleh antara lain DreamWorks SKG, dan produsernya antara lain Shawn Levy yang juga menjadi sutradaranya, kemudian Steven Spielberg dan juga Robert Zemeckis. Tokoh utamanya diperankan oleh Hugh Jackman. Real Steel akan dirilis tanggal 18 November 2011.

Shawn Levy selalu berpasangan dengan composer Christophe Beck untuk semua filmnya termasuk film terakhirnya Date Night yang baru-baru ini diputar, kecuali dua film: Night at the Museum dan Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian yang kedua musiknya dibuat oleh Alan Silvestri. Real Steel akan menjadi pertama kalinya Elfman bekerja sama dengan Shawn Levy tapi belum tentu terjadi karena waktu rilisnya masih setahun lebih dari sekarang.

Berbeda dengan Men in Black 3, film ini akan menjadi kerja sama Elfman dengan sutrada Barry Sonnenfeld untuk ketiga kalinya dan akan menjadi trilogi pertama Elfman (musik Spider-Man 3 dibuat oleh Christopher Young sehingga gagal menjadi trilogi pertama Elfman). 

Men in Black 3 diproduksi oleh antara lain Columbia Pictures dan Amblin Entertainment dan salah satu produsernya adalah Steven Spielberg. Will Smith dan Tommy Lee Jones akan kembali sebagai Agent J dan Agent K, demikian juga Rip Torn sebagai bos mereka Zed dan kali ini ditambah dengan Josh Brolin. Film ini akan dirilis dalam format 3D, seperti telah dikabarkan situs ini di sini, pada tanggal 25 Mei 2012.

Musik Men in Black mendapat nominasi Academy Awards untuk kategori Original Musical or Comedy Score di tahun 1997. Musik Men in Black 2 memvariasikan musik Men in Black dengan highlight jazz treatment untuk tema utamanya yang sayangnya hanya digunakan sebagai source music di dalam filmnya. Untuk film ketiga ini sudah pasti tema utamanya akan kembali, hal yang menarik untuk ditunggu adalah variasi apa yang akan dibuat oleh Elfman kali ini.

Jumat, Oktober 01, 2010

The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box Available This December

Situs The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box telah mengeluarkan press release dan meng-update situsnya dengan isi dari Music Box ini, berikut kutipannya:


Warner Bros. Records will be releasing The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box, a very special limited-edition, numbered box "Collectors Edition" of 1000 that collects expansions of the 13 original scores that Elfman has composed for Burton's iconic films. This is a newly-produced library of 16 CDs each packaged with artwork by Burton, adding up to more than 19 hours of music, including 7 hours of previously-unreleased Masters, demos, work tapes and other rarities.

Additional highlights of The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box include:
  • Among the 19 hours of music are seven hours of previously unreleased music including such rarities as additional masters, cut songs, song and score demos, work tapes, orchestra-only song mixes, and foreign-language songs.
  • Danse Macabre: 25 Years of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton: A meticulously researched, lavishly illustrated 250+ page fine linen-wrapped hardbound book, entitled with gold foil stamping, and featuring a foreword by Johnny Depp. The book also includes rare photos, stories, and interviews from the cast and crew behind the scenes of this classic music — from the early days of Elfman's band Oingo Boingo to the recent blockbuster film Alice in Wonderland. Interviewed are such collaborators and peers as Guillermo Del Toro, Phillip Glass, Paul Haggis, James Newton Howard, Tom Jones, Michael Keaton, Ang Lee, Errol Morris, Thomas Newman, Catherine O'Hara, Jon Peters, Paul Reubens, David Rockwell, Scott Rudin, Marc Shaiman, Howard Shore, Twyla Tharp, Gus Van Sant, and Richard Zanuck. This comprehensive 10"x10" keepsake book is written by acclaimed film-music journalist Jeff Bond and designed by Grammy-winning designer Matt Taylor.
  • An hour-long exclusive, newly filmed DVD featuring an extended conversation between Burton and Elfman as they reflect on their quarter-century collaboration.
  • As a collectible created exclusively for this treasure box of music, a distinctive Skeleton Key USB Flash Drive has been designed—inspired by the art of Tim Burton. A pull of the key unlocks a USB drive loaded with MP3s of the entire contents of this Limited-Edition Music Box. From Pee-wee's Big Adventure through Alice In Wonderland, it's all there, including all the bonus tracks, demos, work tapes, and other rarities.
  • Newly created liner notes by Elfman discussing each expanded score and their bonus material of additional masters, song and score demos, work tapes, orchestra-only song mixes, and foreign language versions.
A collection of music as unique as Elfman's for the films of Tim Burton needed to be housed in something equally special, wondrous, and whimsical. Designed to evoke a treasure chest found in a mysterious attic, The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box is a work of art in itself. Grammy-winning designer Matt Taylor has transformed previously unseen art by Burton and crafted a large scale, tin-covered music box complete with an embedded music chip playing "The Music Box Suite" arranged and performed by Elfman specifically for this historic collection. And to literally top it all off, with a flip of the lid, a delightful working zoetrope is revealed featuring strips of art and photos by Burton and Elfman that come to animated life with a spin.

Jadi 16 CD berisi score dan bonus tracks dari 13 film kerja sama Tim Burton dengan Danny Elfman plus tiga CD (Oddities and EndsCurious and Curiouser: Song Demos dan Note and Notations: Orchestra-only Version), satu DVD obrolan Tim Burton dengan Danny Elfman mengenai kerja sama mereka, Danse Macabre: 25 Years of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton yaitu buku hard-cover setebal lebih dari 250 halaman serta satu USB flash drive berisi MP3 dari semua musik dari Music Box ini, semuanya seharga... US$ 499.99. Limited, Numbered "Collector's Edition" ini hanya ada 1000 kopi, kemungkinan akan ada edisi lainnya tapi tentu dengan isi yang tidak selengkap edisi ini.

Isi dari masing-masing (CD, buku, ini, itu) dapat dilihat di situsnya dengan mengklik gambar yang sesuai, situsnya ada di sini. Eniweis, mereka tidak bisa melayani kiriman ke Indonesia.

Situs The New York Times menurunkan artikel mengenai Music Box ini, baca di sini. Tonton juga videonya di situs tersebut.