Minggu, Maret 09, 2014

Good Will Hunting

Situs Movie Wave me-review Good Will Hunting yang baru dirilis oleh Music Box Records, berikut kutipannya:
The relatively brief score offers generally rather low-key accompaniment to the film, the most arresting feature being the Irish tinge thanks to the pennywhistle and a lovely Morricone/The Mission-style motivic fragment that is used incredibly fluidly and serves as the main theme of sorts. These are explored most fully in the opening and closing titles – in between Elfman creates this kind of kaleidoscopic atmosphere which perfectly represents Damon’s character, a genius struggling with everyday life. Fluttering winds are used, there’s sometimes nervous tension from keyboards and percussion, a magical air from an occasional choir. On the surface it’s a little like a subtler precursor to James Horner’s A Beautiful Mind, but whereas Horner was as usual all about emotion with his score, Elfman has a much more intellectual, slightly emotionally distant approach and it serves its film perfectly.
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40th Saturn Awards

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films mengumumkan nominasi untuk berbagai penghargaannya, berikut ini untuk kategori Best Music:

Oz The Great and Powerful
- Danny Elfman
Big Bad Wolves - Frank Ilfman
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Howard Shore
Iron Man 3 - Brian Tyler
Now You See Me - Brian Tyler
The Book Thief - John Williams

Tahun lalu Frankenweenie memenangkan kategori Best Music. Pengumuman pemenang akan dilakukan Juni 2014. Baca lengkapnya di sini.