Minggu, September 29, 2013

American Hustle

Danny Elfman akan membuat musik film untuk American Hustle. Film drama ini disutradarai oleh David O. Russell dan dibintangi oleh Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Robert De Niro, Amy Adams, dan Jennifer Lawrence. Studio yang memproduksi adalah Annapurna Pictures dan akan didistribusikan oleh Columbia Pictures secara luas tanggal 25 Desember 2013. Cek filmnya di sini.

Ini adalah kerja sama kedua kalinya antara Danny Elfman dengan David O. Russell, film pertama mereka Silver Linings Playbook (2012).

Film-film yang musiknya akan dibuat oleh Danny Elfman adalah American Hustle (25 Desember 2013), Mr. Peabody & Sherman (7 Maret 2014), Big Eyes (28 Agustus 2014), dan Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiars (31 Juli 2015).

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Danny Elfman akan membuat musik film untuk film animasi Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Film ini disutradarai oleh Rob Minkoff, dan suara-suara karakternya diisi oleh antara lain Ty Burrell (Mr. Peabody), Max Charles (Sherman), Stephen Colbert, Stanley Tucci, dan Mel Brooks. Studio yang memproduksi adalah DreamWorks Animation dan studio yang mendistribusi adalah 20th Century Fox. Ini akan menjadi film pertama Danny Elfman untuk DreamWorks. Jadwal rilis film ini adalah tanggal 7 Maret 2014. Cek filmnya di sini.

Film-film yang musiknya akan dibuat oleh Danny Elfman adalah American Hustle (25 Desember 2013), Mr. Peabody & Sherman (7 Maret 2014), Big Eyes (28 Agustus 2014), dan Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiars (31 Juli 2015).

Sound of Cinema: Composing for Hollywood

BBC mewawancarai beberapa composers, termasuk Danny Elfman. 
Journalist Jonathan Coffey is in Los Angeles to meet some of today's leading film composers to assess the business of writing for the movies.
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Danny Elfman’s new big adventure in music

Tanggal 29 September, The Scotsman merilis artikel mengenai Danny Elfman, berikut kutipannya:
The idea stemmed from a 25th anniversary Burton/Elfman audio boxset which was released in 2011. “That really forced me to listen to everything again,” says Elfman, “and suddenly it was like, my god, I’d forgotten half of what I’d done. So that kind of opened up my head, and my agent then started pestering me, how about some concert suites? When the offer came in to put on this concert at the Albert Hall it was more than I bargained for, a suite of all the films, but it was the motivation to do it.”
He says the process of compiling the show took around three months. “Going back to the early scores was really quite startling,” he says. “They felt extremely raw, the orchestration sounded almost like I was listening to somebody else, but just because it’s na├»ve doesn’t make it bad. For these concerts I didn’t want to mess it up and make it sound too slick and overdone, just because I may know a few more tricks now than I did on my first score.”
...Elfman himself will play alongside the BBC Concert Orchestra and sing onstage for the first time since his formative post-punk group Oingo Boingo split in 1995... “I’m really looking forward to this being something that I’m doing all the way through next year,” he says. “I didn’t expect that I’d ever be on the road again (after Oingo Boingo), but it looks like that’s what I’ll be doing and I’m really excited about it.”
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Senin, September 16, 2013


Danny Elfman diwawancarai oleh KROQ, berikut ini kutipannya:
“I think I’m probably the only one in Hollywood who sighs a big sigh of relief when they don’t get an Oscar,” explained Elfman to Kevin and Bean on Thursday morning (September 12). “I don’t want to go up there. I really don’t want to go up there. More terrifying than performing in front of a zillion people is ever talking in front of a microphone.”
“First off I’ve never sung any of these songs publicly ever, so it’s not like I’m doing an Oingo Boingo song,” Elfman explained. “I only sang these in front of a microphone twenty years ago.”
“I have a terrible, terrible memory, Like really bad. Brain damage bad when it comes to names, when it comes to words, when it comes to lyrics, I used to to just be horrible back in the Boingo days. I’d black out all the time. Black out on lyrics,” he said, clarifying he doesn’t mean alcohol. “I’d walk into a void, like I’m singing and suddenly there’s nothing there. Like chorus number two, what happened? It’s nothing. One fraction of a millisecond like the breath before that chorus it would come to me. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t. But when it comes to melodies, I really can remember stuff.”
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