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Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park Talks Composers

Dari situs Artist Direct, excellent!!! Berikut kutipannya:

Audiences everywhere will soon be able to hear Mike Shinoda's score for Indonesian action epic The Raid. It comes from the same place that Linkin Park brews their daring and diverse distillation of genres, but it also shows another side of Shinoda. He's always infused a distinctly cinematic aesthetic into Linkin Park's music—especially on songs like "Iridescent" and "When They Come For Me"—however, for The Raid, he expands upon that sentiment as far as possible.

So in terms of film music, who are some of Mike Shinoda's favorite composers?

"A lot of mainstream stuff, really," Shinoda says with a smile. "I like Hans Zimmer and John Williams. I also really like Danny Elfman because his style is so distinctive and I grew up listening to Oingo Boingo.

Baca lengkapnya di sini (dah tinggal dikit yang blom di-copy-paste hehe). Waw, Mike Shinoda-Linkin Park, Danny Elfman dan Serbuan Maut (The Raid)!

Real Steel (Score Album) Music By Danny Elfman

Situs Examiner.com me-review score album dari Real Steel, berikut kutipannya:

The music for Real Steel isn't your typical "rah rah root for the underdog" score. It's a score with a soul and full of infectious melodies. The music sounds a bit of the style that Elfman had really started to adapt to in the late 90's starting with his score for the Academy Award winning film, Good Will Hunting and continuing through underrated works such as A Simple Plan, A Civil Action, Anywhere But Here and Instinct. Those scores were a different side of the composer that most rarely saw and really began with his brilliant and amazing score to 1993 Civil War drama "Sommersby" which really surprised alot of people and then began to offer him more dramatic projects. The music of Real Steel is everything you would want for a film like this, excitement, drama, suspense and a lot of feel good inspirational moments.

It's terrific release at it's running time that definitely doesn't wear you out and is enjoyable in everyway. The album is a winner and easily one of the more enjoyable scores of the year.

Real Steel is one of Elfman's more accessible and enjoyable scores in a while and it's great to see him back to his 1990's style for a change. Well done.

Waw bintang empat... baca lengkapnya di sini.

Danny Elfman on Whether the ‘Dark Shadows' TV Theme Will Be in Tim Burton's Movie

Dari situs FEARnet, berikut kutipannya:

"We had this discussion with Batman," said Elfman, "[about] whether we wanted to incorporate the TV theme. And Tim said, ‘No, don't do that.' And on Planet of the Apes, once again, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; that was a big one – "Do we incorporate it in?" "No." So I'm just guessing that he's gonna say no again, that he's gonna want to develop his own language and dialogue for this."

"Having said that," Elfman laughed, "who knows? You may just hear a theramin!"

Theremin. Baca lengkapnya di sini.

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Real Steel Score Filmtracks Review

Situs Filmtracks me-review Real Steel, bintang lima euy... berikut kutipannya:

Buy it... if you've always admired Danny Elfman's wholesome contemporary tones in Anywhere But Here and The Family Man and desire that sound expanded with a full orchestral ensemble for a heroic sports genre triumph.

Avoid it... if you're turned off by the prospect of hearing Elfman revise Bill Conti's Rocky formula into the futuristic world of bad-ass mechanized fighting, complete with thumping rock percussion and prominent electric guitars.

In the end, Real Steel is a score with uniquely packaged character, smart thematic loyalty, and one hell of a narrative conclusion, and any other composer attempting to match its quality in a possible sequel will face a potentially impossible challenge. *****

Baca lengkapnya di sini.

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IRIS Cirque du Soleil (New Soundtrack Album)

Company: Cirque du Soleil
Sutradara: Philippe Decouflé
Composer: Danny Elfman
Tanggal rilis pertunjukan: 25 September 2011
Tanggal rilis soundtrack: 22 November 2011
Label: Cirque du Soleil

Track list:
1. Buster's Big Opening
2. The Twins
3. Kiriki Film
4. Kiriki
5. Silent Movie
6. Patterns
7. Clown Special Effects
8. Pellicule (Part I & II)
9. Snake Women
10. Movie Studio
11. The Broom
12. Flying Scarlett
13. Old Toys
14. Film Noir/Pursuit
15. Rooftops
16. Scarlett Balancing
17. IRIS Finale and Bows

From the live Cirque du Soleil® show, IRIS – A Journey Through the World of Cinema™, performing exclusively at Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, comes its studio soundtrack by multiple OSCAR® nominated composer Danny Elfman.

Best known for scoring music for television and movies (The Simpsons and Desperate Housewives and many of Tim Burton’s films including Alice in Wonderland) and having earned numerous honors, Elfman joins Cirque du Soleil for the first time to compose and produce the music of a poetic phantasmagoria inspired by the world of cinema.

The unique blend of 100 orchestral musicians – the largest number in Cirque du Soleil recording history – spread over large and small ensembles are mixed with the live show’s eight house musicians working with and around each other, are now brought together on this 17-song album.

Supporting the show’s kaleidoscope of movement, moods and images, Danny Elfman evokes the language of film music, magnifying the emotions of this surrealistic tribute of the seventh art, cinema.

Cover-nya beda.. (versi Perancis?). Streaming soundtrack-nya bisa didengar di sini.

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Real Steel Original Motion Picture Score

Studio: Dreamworks, Reliance, 21 Laps Entertainment, Touchstone Pictures
Sutradara: Shawn Levy
Composer: Danny Elfman
Tanggal rilis film: 7 Oktober 2011
Tanggal rilis soundtrack: 1 November
Label: Varese Sarabande

Track list:
1. Charlie Trains Atom (1:59)
2. On The Move (2:39)
3. Into The Zoo (1:02)
4. Why We’re Here (feat. vocal by Poe) (:55)
5. Meet Atom (3:18)
6. It’s Your Choice (1:28)
7. Safe With Me (2:58)
8. Atom Versus Twin Cities (3:12)
9. … For A Kiss (:56)
10. Get In The Truck (1:13)
11. Bonding (2:02)
12. Twin Cities’ Intro (1:20)
13. Parkway Motel (feat. vocal by Poe) (1:48)
14. This Is A Brawl (1:49)
15. You Deserve Better (4:03)
16. Into The Ring (1:12)
17. Taking A Beating (1:34)
18. Final Round (6:54)
19. People’s Champion (2:06)

Cek di sini. Perhatikan bahwa track "Kenton" dari song album-nya tidak ada di sini hm...

Cirque du Soleil loves movies more than it loves Hollywood

LA Times mem-publish cerita mengenai Iris berdasarkan wawancara dengan Danny Elfman dan lain-lain, berikut kutipannya:

Danny Elfman, the former leader of rock band Oingo Boingo and one of Hollywood's most prolific soundtrack composers, said he was given considerable artistic leeway in composing his atmospheric, genre-bending score for "Iris" — a practice that's rare in the committee-driven contemporary Hollywood studio system, he noted.

"There's not, like, Cirque people watching over us constantly, like, 'Don't do that, change this, don't do this,'" Elfman said. "They know that their best work comes out of allowing artists to be artists."

Cirque's open-minded attitude, Elfman believes, emanates from Laliberté. "Guy doesn't come in and micro-manage like some producers can," he said. The Cirque chief's management style, according to Elfman, is to step in with essential feedback at crucial intervals but otherwise stay out of the way.

"In a cinema reference, it would be like working with Louis B. Mayer in the '40s," Elfman said. "And so we're making the movie, and at a certain point Louis B. Mayer is going to walk in, and he's going to see the screening and he's going to go, 'Cut that scene, that scene, that scene's gotta go, and you've got to take 30 minutes out. Bye!'"

Baca lengkapnya di sini.

Shawn Levy Talks REAL STEEL Soundtrack, Landing Timbaland, and His Goal for the Film

Wawancara dengan sutradara Real Steel, Shawn Levy, berikut kutipannya soal musik:

“I called up Crystal Method, I’m like, ‘Come to my editing room,’ I showed them the fight scenes and they’re like, ‘Oh yeah we got this, we got this,’ and then they were like ‘Can we see more?’ and so I showed them some of the more underdog kind of rousing emotional scenes, and they were like ‘Why are we fucking getting emotional at a fucking robot movie?’…But anyway they wrote two different songs, one is the introduction to Noisy Boy who is our kind of Japanese Bot, that’s a song called ‘Bring the Noise’ that is great…and then, this was fascinating, they wrote a piece of music for Round 1 of Zeus vs. Atom, which is the climactic fight, and it worked pretty well, as a track it worked great. But we mix it on the movie, and I’m like ‘Shit, all of Crystal Method’s sounds are in exactly the same pitch as the robot sound effects,’ so the result was you couldn’t hear it. So then what happened is Crystal Method basically did a kind of collaboration with Danny Elfman, who wrote an overlay on top of the Crystal Method track, so what’s in the movie is this weird unexpected Danny Elfman/Crystal Method duet that works exceptionally well.”

Baca lengkapnya di sini.