Sabtu, Oktober 22, 2011

Real Steel Score Filmtracks Review

Situs Filmtracks me-review Real Steel, bintang lima euy... berikut kutipannya:

Buy it... if you've always admired Danny Elfman's wholesome contemporary tones in Anywhere But Here and The Family Man and desire that sound expanded with a full orchestral ensemble for a heroic sports genre triumph.

Avoid it... if you're turned off by the prospect of hearing Elfman revise Bill Conti's Rocky formula into the futuristic world of bad-ass mechanized fighting, complete with thumping rock percussion and prominent electric guitars.

In the end, Real Steel is a score with uniquely packaged character, smart thematic loyalty, and one hell of a narrative conclusion, and any other composer attempting to match its quality in a possible sequel will face a potentially impossible challenge. *****

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