Senin, Oktober 10, 2011

Shawn Levy Talks REAL STEEL Soundtrack, Landing Timbaland, and His Goal for the Film

Wawancara dengan sutradara Real Steel, Shawn Levy, berikut kutipannya soal musik:

“I called up Crystal Method, I’m like, ‘Come to my editing room,’ I showed them the fight scenes and they’re like, ‘Oh yeah we got this, we got this,’ and then they were like ‘Can we see more?’ and so I showed them some of the more underdog kind of rousing emotional scenes, and they were like ‘Why are we fucking getting emotional at a fucking robot movie?’…But anyway they wrote two different songs, one is the introduction to Noisy Boy who is our kind of Japanese Bot, that’s a song called ‘Bring the Noise’ that is great…and then, this was fascinating, they wrote a piece of music for Round 1 of Zeus vs. Atom, which is the climactic fight, and it worked pretty well, as a track it worked great. But we mix it on the movie, and I’m like ‘Shit, all of Crystal Method’s sounds are in exactly the same pitch as the robot sound effects,’ so the result was you couldn’t hear it. So then what happened is Crystal Method basically did a kind of collaboration with Danny Elfman, who wrote an overlay on top of the Crystal Method track, so what’s in the movie is this weird unexpected Danny Elfman/Crystal Method duet that works exceptionally well.”

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