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Promised Land

Soundtrack ini tadinya hanya dapat dibeli lewat AmazonMP3 dan iTunes (termasuk iTunes Indonesia, hurah!), tapi ternyata Yesasia menyediakan versi CD-nya. Pesan CD-nya di sini.

Oz: The Great and Powerful

Studio: Roth Films, Curtis-Donen Productions, Walt Disney Pictures
Sutradara: Sam Raimi
Composer: Danny Elfman
Tanggal rilis film: 8 Maret 2013
Tanggal rilis soundtrack: Maret 2013
Label: Intrada

Track list:
1. Main Titles
2. A Serious Talk
3. Oz Revealed
4. A Strange World
5. Where Am I?/Schmooze-A-Witch
6. Fireside Dance
7. Meeting Finley
8. The Emerald Palace
9. Treasure Room/Monkey Business
10. China Town
11. A Con Job
12. Glinda Revealed
13. The Munchkin’s Welcome Song
14. Bad Witch
15. The Bubble Voyage
16. Great Expectations/The Apple
17. Meeting the Troops
18. What Army?
19. Theodora’s Entrance/A Puppet Waltz
20. A Threat
21. Bedtime/The Preparation Montage
22. Call to Arms
23. Destruction
24. Oz The Great and Powerful
25. Fireworks/Witch Fight
26. Time for Gifts
27. End Credits from Oz

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Tracksounds CUE AWARDS 2012

Tracksounds mengumumkan nominasinya untuk Cue Awards 2012, berikut daftar nominasi untuk beberapa kategori:
Composer of the Year
Alexandre Desplat
Danny Elfman
Naoki Sato
Howard Shore
James Horner

Best Animated Score
Brave (Patrick Doyle)
Frankenweenie (Danny Elfman)
The Lorax (John Powell)
Rise of the Guardians (Alexandre Desplat)
Wreck-it Ralph (Henry Jackman)
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Danny Elfman’s music from the films of Tim Burton

Situs The Royal Albert Hall mengumumkan bahwa mereka akan menggelar konser musik-musik Danny Elfman untuk film-film Tim Burton. The Royal Albert Hall adalah sebuah concert hall di London, Inggris. Berikut kutipannya:
On Monday 7 October 2013, the Royal Albert Hall will be hosting an exclusive World Premiere of Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton, celebrating the extraordinary collaboration between the acclaimed composer and visionary filmmaker.
The concert will see Danny Elfman‘s famous Tim Burton film scores brought to life on stage by the BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by John Mauceri, whilst visuals from Burton’s original production artwork, sketches and drawings are displayed on the big screen. There will also be an exclusive special guest performance by four-time Oscar-nominated Danny Elfman himself, making his first public singing performance in 18 years.
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IFMCA Nominations 2012

International Film Music Critics Association merilis para nominees-nya, berikut ini beberapa kategorinya:
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE FOR A COMEDY FILMMOONRISE KINGDOM, music by Alexandre DesplatSALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN, music by Dario MarianelliTHE SESSIONS, music by Marco BeltramiSILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, music by Danny ElfmanTED, music by Walter Murphy
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE FOR AN ANIMATED FEATUREBRAVE, music by Patrick DoyleFRANKENWEENIE, music by Danny ElfmanPARANORMAN, music by Jon BrionRISE OF THE GUARDIANS, music by Alexandre DesplatSECRET OF THE WINGS, music by Joel McNeely
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Composing wizard Danny Elfman talks sweeping, gigantic ‘Oz’ score

Tanggal 10 Januari lalu, LA Times merilis cerita mengenai Danny Elfman dalam membuat musik untuk Oz: The Great and Powerful, berikut kutipannya:
In one instance, though, that directive proved especially tricky — when writing a song for a sequence in which a group of happy Munchkins welcome James Franco’s Oz to the Emerald City, Elfman found himself in something of a predicament.
“These Munchkins are little people in a joyous town of fantasy singing an up-tempo welcoming song. There really aren’t that many ways to apply that,” Elfman said during a recent interview in his home studio in Los Angeles.
“‘Oz’ was very clear, what the tone was,” he said. “We’re going to take an approach that’s old school but not self-consciously old fashioned. Let the melodrama be melodrama, let everything be what it is. I also think there’s the advantage that I’m able to write narratively, and when I’m able to write narratively I can also move quicker because that’s my natural instincts, I can tell a story in the music.” 
As for that Munchkin song? Elfman said in the end, he opted to sing that number himself — and he did not alter his voice to give it any kind of familiar ring. No Lollipop Guild retreads here, but maybe not a radical departure from the past either.
“They’re still singing, and they’re still merry,” Elfman said.
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Silver Linings Playbook

Situs Movie Wave me-review Silver Linings Playbook score album, berikut kutipannya:
The short score album (available as a download from Sony Classical) starts promisingly, with the engaging “Silver Lining Titles” a piece of nice, if fluffy, instrumental 60s-style pop, enlivened by some trademark silly vocals.
It’s rather downhill from there, with the remainder of the score getting ever fluffier and moving away from that distinctive 60s sound established in the opening cue into standard guitar-and-piano romantic comedy music which could, frankly, have been written by anyone. Some of the tunes really do sound like they could be instrumental bridges from popular songs, but they’re never that memorable in and of themselves. The main body of the underscore could be represented perfectly well by the single track “Happy Ending”, a shade under four minutes and a shade under a dollar from iTunes. It’s all pleasant, it’s all completely inoffensive, but also so inconsequential.
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Silver Linings Playbook by Danny Elfman

Situs Tracksounds me-review Silver Linings Playbook score album, berikut kutipannya:
DANNY ELFMAN was hired to fill in the gaps with a short original score, easily the least substantial of his impressive six assignments of 2012. Ditching the orchestra, ELFMAN opted to assemble a light rock ensemble for the project, augmented by piano, some synthetic overlays and – most notably – his own vocal talent layered several times on top of itself to create a small oohing-and-aahing choir in much the same way BRIAN TYLER has occasionally done for early and/or low-budget projects. That choir lends a definite and somewhat cheesy 60s-retro vibe to SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, equating the psychedelia of that decade to the confused state of the protagonists’ minds.
SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is the sort of score that ELFMAN probably could have written, performed (probably largely by himself) and recorded over a weekend, but it doesn’t necessarily suffer for that. Don’t go in expecting EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, obviously – the movie didn’t exactly allow for it – but if it’s a brief, breezy and upbeat listen you require, you could do a lot worse.
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iTunes Launches in Indonesia

Bulan Desember 2012, iTunes Store sudah dapat diakses di Indonesia, berikut kutipan salah satu beritanya:

In July, Indonesia was the lone country passed over when Apple rolled out iTunes across Southeast Asia. The company declined to say why, but many local industry observers attributed it to problems of piracy, with some saying iTunes would never be profitable in a country where illegal 50-cent CDs and DVDs abound. Indonesia’s iTunes store was limited only to a catalog of applications for use with the iPhone and iPad.

But beginning Tuesday, users of iTunes were able to access a new version of the store, where they can pay 5,000-7,000 rupiah (50-70 cents) to download songs and 45,000-75,000 rupiah ($4.60-7.80) for albums.

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Beberapa lagu dan album Danny Elfman dapat dibeli di iTunes termasuk Silver Linings Playbook yang tidak ada physical release-nya, sayang sampai saat ini Promised Land tetap belum ada walaupun iTunes di luar sudah ada. Download iTunes di sini.