Minggu, Februari 10, 2013

iTunes Launches in Indonesia

Bulan Desember 2012, iTunes Store sudah dapat diakses di Indonesia, berikut kutipan salah satu beritanya:

In July, Indonesia was the lone country passed over when Apple rolled out iTunes across Southeast Asia. The company declined to say why, but many local industry observers attributed it to problems of piracy, with some saying iTunes would never be profitable in a country where illegal 50-cent CDs and DVDs abound. Indonesia’s iTunes store was limited only to a catalog of applications for use with the iPhone and iPad.

But beginning Tuesday, users of iTunes were able to access a new version of the store, where they can pay 5,000-7,000 rupiah (50-70 cents) to download songs and 45,000-75,000 rupiah ($4.60-7.80) for albums.

Baca lengkapnya di sini.

Beberapa lagu dan album Danny Elfman dapat dibeli di iTunes termasuk Silver Linings Playbook yang tidak ada physical release-nya, sayang sampai saat ini Promised Land tetap belum ada walaupun iTunes di luar sudah ada. Download iTunes di sini.

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