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Composing wizard Danny Elfman talks sweeping, gigantic ‘Oz’ score

Tanggal 10 Januari lalu, LA Times merilis cerita mengenai Danny Elfman dalam membuat musik untuk Oz: The Great and Powerful, berikut kutipannya:
In one instance, though, that directive proved especially tricky — when writing a song for a sequence in which a group of happy Munchkins welcome James Franco’s Oz to the Emerald City, Elfman found himself in something of a predicament.
“These Munchkins are little people in a joyous town of fantasy singing an up-tempo welcoming song. There really aren’t that many ways to apply that,” Elfman said during a recent interview in his home studio in Los Angeles.
“‘Oz’ was very clear, what the tone was,” he said. “We’re going to take an approach that’s old school but not self-consciously old fashioned. Let the melodrama be melodrama, let everything be what it is. I also think there’s the advantage that I’m able to write narratively, and when I’m able to write narratively I can also move quicker because that’s my natural instincts, I can tell a story in the music.” 
As for that Munchkin song? Elfman said in the end, he opted to sing that number himself — and he did not alter his voice to give it any kind of familiar ring. No Lollipop Guild retreads here, but maybe not a radical departure from the past either.
“They’re still singing, and they’re still merry,” Elfman said.
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