Senin, Desember 24, 2012

Soundtrack Picks: “Conan The Barbarian” is one of the top soundtracks to own for December, 2012

Film Music Magazine memberi rekomendasi untuk bulan Desember 2012 dan Hitchcock termasuk salah satu dari lima yang direkomendasikan. Silver Linings Book juga disinggung. Berikut ini kutipannya:
Extra Special: If the slashing strings of “Psycho” didn’t immediately identify Herrmann (with the shower scene music thankfully not repeated here), then the orchestral version of pianist’s Charles Gounod’s “Funeral March For A Marionette” comes in second as the signature theme for “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” a darkly droll piece that’s wittily used to wrap the album up with.
If this golden “Playbook” had a dangerous sense of unpredictability that gave its lunatic love story a real edge, then part of that credit goes to filmmaker David O. Russell’s surprisingly whimsical choice in music. And one particularly inspired choice was giving Danny Elfman, a composer best known for ghoulish black comedy, the chance to go for positively sunny quirk. Think John Lennon in Elfman’s peace and love guitar stylings, beatific chorus and quirky percussion
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