Rabu, Desember 05, 2012

Hitchcock by Danny Elfman (Review)

Situs Film Music Media me-review soundtrack Hitchcock, berikut kutipannya:
The album is about 40 minutes long, which is quite short these days as film music fans have become accustomed to 1 hour plus OST releases and even longer archival ones. The average track length is roughly a minute and a half, so while it may initially feel disjointed, the album works tremendously well as a whole in the end. It breathes and does not feel too quick nor does it overstay its welcome.
In a year of Elfman duds, Hitchcock is a lovely gust of fresh air from the composer. Dark Shadows, Men In Black 3, and Frankenweenie all disappointed, yet this one ultimately delivers and displays Elfman's contemporary drama writing wonderfully. While the "Theme From Hitchcock" is less melodic and developed than other great Elfman themes, the score as a whole will keep listeners delighted without tethering you to your music player for too long.
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