Sabtu, Desember 08, 2012

Hitchcock Music By Danny Elfman

Situs Examiner me-review Hitchcock score album, berikut kutipannya:
Sony Classical's album is a brief, but enjoyable, powerful experience that Elfman's fans will really enjoy on its own merits. I was actually quite surprised at how much I did like this one along with Silver Linings Playbook and it really seems to me that Elfman is really getting back to that late period in the 1990's where he really excelled and his work was getting broader and broader which is why he's become a really diverse composer able to score films such as Hitchcock and the many others in the past years he has since the late 90's in his mature mode. The most enjoyable aspect is how Elfman shifts his darker romantic material to a lighter tone and keep everything on an even keel musically and Elfman in this mold is something very special that's been somewhat missing the last few years. Hitchcock is a score that will remind alot of people of that great period and hopefully the start of a another great one for the great composer. Definitely recommended.
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