Senin, Desember 24, 2012


Situs Filmtracks me-review Hitchcock, berikut kutipannya:
Buy it... if you seek a throwback to Danny Elfman's early orchestral works of fiendish humor, his personality implanted well upon the topic despite limited opportunities to develop his effective themes for the famed director and his wife.
Avoid it... if you wish to hear Elfman channel Bernard Herrmann for the entirety of Hitchcock, for while he certainly rolls out such nods several times, this remains a score saturated with Elfman's own style.
Overall, Hitchcock is a fun score for the Elfman enthusiast and contains enough substance to justify its rather short album presentation. The themes do seem slightly underutilized, especially in how Elfman alternates between the darker and upbeat variations on the identity for the titular character. Then again, many of the film's best conversational moments exist without any music spotted in them, so the composer may have been restricted a bit in his opportunities for deeper development. Elfman collectors will be especially thrilled by how much of the composer's own musical personality thrives in this context, further connecting him with the Hitchcock and Herrmann legacy.
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