Sabtu, April 30, 2011

The 2011 Top Forty Composer

Scott Bettencourt merilis daftar tahunannya, berikut ini top 10-nya:

1. Hans Zimmer
2. Danny Elfman
3. Michael Giacchino
4. Alexandre Desplat
5. John Powell
6. James Newton Howard
7. James Horner
8. John Williams
9. Thomas Newman
10. Carter Burwell

Berikut kutipannya:

As fans of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton eagerly await the release of Warner Bros. Records' 15-disc "Music Box" compilation of their quarter-century collaboration (complete with DVD, book and working zoetrope), it might be a good time to ponder the enigma of their latest collaboration, the 3D film version of Alice in Wonderland (which might more accurately be termed Alice Through the Studio Development System), which is simultaneously one of the director's least respected films and his greatest box-office success. As always with Burton, the film's visuals were outstanding, winning Oscars for Art Direction and Costume Design, and Elfman's "Alice" theme was one of the most memorable movie melodies of the year. Many film music fans were distressed to learn that Elfman's score for the lavish Wolfman remake was to be rejected in favor of a new score by Paul Haslinger, but ultimately Elfman's score won out, and his brooding music was a fitting accompaniment for the gorgeously mounted but ultimately disappointing monster movie. Elfman took the assignment of scoring Paul Haggis's jailbreak thriller The Next Three Days after Haggis had a falling out with his usual composer, Mark Isham, and Elfman's edgy score was in a different sonic world than the orchestral Alice and Wolfman, but the film was a boxoffice disappointment. Upcoming are two typically varied projects, the futuristic drama Real Steel, an expansion of the classic Twilight Zone episode "Steel," and Gus Van Sant's youthful romance Restless.
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