Selasa, Juli 12, 2011

Christine Guter: Do What You Love

Danny Elfman membuat lagu untuk dinyanyikan Christine Guter di pementasan Iris. Berikut kutipan wawancara dengan Christine Guter:

Guter: Just this past week I sang the background tracks for the new Cirque du Soleil "Iris" show that will be playing in L.A. Music by Danny Elfman.

Sander: How much time did you have to prepare for that?
Guter: You are given no time to prepare. You show up to the sound stage and sight read the music. It's extremely challenging, exciting and rewarding. You don't really have the liberty of making mistakes when you're on the clock in the studio. Time is money.

Sander: Do you get much direction for your studio vocal performances?
Guter: The composer is almost always there, as well as the vocal contractor. There is also a conductor who assists. They let the choir know what sound, vocal color and emotion they want to convey in the music: darker, sweeter, more vibrato, classical sounding, straight tone, etc.

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