Minggu, September 11, 2011

Elfman circles back to the circus

Wawancara dengan Danny Elfman mengenai Iris, mengenai Yahudi-Yahudian dan lain-lain, berikut kutipannya:

The irony of IRIS being staged at the Kodak Theatre hasn’t escaped Elfman. He’s often said that he doesn’t believe he’ll ever win an Oscar, and having his music grace the stage where the annual Oscars ceremony takes place, night after night, is a strange treat. “It’s funny, because I’ve always avoided going to the Kodak,” says Elfman, who now finds that the theater feels like a bit of a second home after going there daily to run the soundboard for the preview performances of IRIS.

“I really don’t like going to awards ceremonies,” Elfman muses. “If you give me a choice between attending the Grammys or the Academy Awards or any of these ceremonies or having a root canal, it would be a tough choice.”

“I’ve always loved the idea of being something of an underdog,” he says. “I was actually a little disappointed when I got my first (Academy Award) nomination. I had like a fantasy of being the most successful composer never to have gotten a nomination.”

Elfman sees awards as something to be avoided, not sought out. “I don’t take awards themselves seriously. Every award I’ve won has gone straight to my mother’s house. I feel like it’s bad luck to even keep them in my house. I have a hardcore policy of never believing in awards.”

All bashing aside, Elfman still has a deep respect for what the Academy does. “It gets people interested in movies, and I support anything that gets people interested in movies. Nobody would ever see a documentary or an animated short…were it not for their awards”

Elfman plans to keep taking more creative side projects, like “IRIS,” in the future, though. “I have to do something every year that’s not film,” he says. “I’m dying to write a suite of chamber music for piano and percussion.”

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