Jumat, November 25, 2011

Film Music Magazine November Soundtrack Picks

Film Music Magazine merekomendasikan soundtrack yang perlu dicek untuk bulan November ini, termasuk Real Steel dari Danny Elfman, berikut kutipannya:

Why Should you buy it?: Don’t expect Elfman’s enraged approach to “Hellboy 2” here, let alone “The Incredible Hulk,” as the composer envisions these behemoths with NASCAR-ready country-western-rock. And that turns out to be just the right, inspired choice for a dad driving his ‘bot from one American rust bowl to the other. While “Steel” starts off with raw, strumming simplicity, Elfman gradually brings in his more recognizable strings lines, heavenly choirs (with a particularly angelic voice provided by Poe) and fighting mad orchestra, with thumping, metal grunge leading to the big moment in the robot ring.

Baca lengkapnya di sini.

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