Sabtu, November 17, 2012

Silver Linings Playbook (Score Album) Music By Danny Elfman

Situs Examiner mem-publish score review dari Danny Gonzalez untuk film Silver Linings Playbook dan memberi grade A-, berikut kutipannya:
the songs are solid and the best part is that Danny Elfman has written an exceptional score that really does work with the songs, but it's such a fun and catchy work. The score is pretty much and in some ways is an extension of his solid previous works for Good Will Hunting, To Die For and A Civil Action. There is a cheerful exuberance to Elfman's score that is very infectious and feels like forever since he's done something this much fun and joyful. From the on set starting with "Silver Lining Titles", Elfman utilizes a more intimate approach to the material with a smaller sized orchestra featuring acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums along with a terrific chorus that just has the feel of a Manhattan Transfer album that really is just infectious. 
To have Elfman in this mode again is wonderful because you can really hear him having fun with the material and some of his best scores seem to be for more intimate and character driven stories like this one. Silver Linings Playbook is easily one of my favorite scores this year and also one of Danny Elfman's most enjoyable and engaging works in a really long time. Highly recommended.
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