Sabtu, April 20, 2013

"It's all in the (film) music": Interview with Lukas Kendall (Film Score Monthly)

Situs mewawancarai Lukas Kendall pendiri majalah Film Score Monthly dan labelnya yang merilis soundtracks. Berikut kutipannya:
The right way to produce a film score album is the way we did them (complete and chronological). It may seem like there were a hundred people who wanted abridged albums, but it was really just one guy who posted a hundred times. I’m not saying our way is creatively the best, but it is the best for our audience.
I think that as listening experiences, yes, the shorter presentations are better. It’s natural that if you cherry-pick the best cues and cut out the boring parts, the album will be better. But then people lament what got cut. There is always that short 20-second transition that is your favorite moment in the entire score that the composer (usually Goldsmith) left off the original album—who are we to perpetuate that deprivation? There is no perfect solution except to release everything complete and chronological, and let people make their own abridged sequences
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