Kamis, Juni 13, 2013

EPIC – Danny Elfman

Movie Music UK me-review soundtrack Epic, berikut kutipannya:
Featuring a large orchestra, chorus and a number of regional specialty instruments, Epic is large-scale, loud, thematic and has several moments of genuine power and beauty. Elfman has always had a knack for capturing a sense of wonder and innocence through his music, and this score continues the trend, going all the way back to the early days of his career, but now we have the added bonus of being able to enjoy Elfman’s more sophisticated and accomplished compositional techniques alongside the heightened emotional content.
Parts of Epic are really superb, especially when the main theme comes into play and the orchestra builds to its largest forces.
This small grumble aside, there are really no other complaints to be made about Epic. Perhaps the main theme could have been a little stronger and more front-and-center, but the lack of a really dominant melody is more than counteracted by the rich and lustrous orchestrations and the overall sense of magic Elfman brings to the rest of his music. Epic most definitely represents Elfman writing firmly in his warmly-hued comfort zone, creating whimsical and wondrous worlds through his enchanting writing, but Elfman’s comfort zone is arguably more comfortable than almost anyone else’s these days, and fans of his world will want to stay there for a while. Happy birthday.
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