Selasa, September 28, 2010

Batman: (Danny Elfman) - Updated Review, With Additional Album

Situs Filmtracks memperbarui review-nya dengan munculnya soundtrack baru Batman tahun 1989 (Batman: Limited Edition 2 CD set Expanded Archival Edition) dari La-La Land Records. Berikut kutipannya: does bring into question whether the 2010 album is worth its price for fans of the score. In its favor, the additional material is noteworthy, including outstandingly restrained performances of the title theme in "Bat Zone" and "Showdown I." The bonus tracks at the end of the second CD include two alternate versions of the overture, but with only subtle changes. Ironically, the "Joker's Commercial" is the most entertaining (and far better in sound quality). The final track has a hidden recording at the end with the studio crew seemingly drunkenly performing "Beautiful Dreamer" complete with catcalls, testimony to the toll that long days of recording must take on peoples' sanity. 

On the other hand, the La-La Land product really didn't live up to the hype that it initially generated because of its sound quality issues.

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