Jumat, November 19, 2010

Danny Elfman knows the score: Tim Burton ‘opened every door for me’

Hero Complex dari situs LA Times mem-publish wawancara dengan Danny Elfman mengenai Elfman-Burton Music Box. Berikut kutipannya:

I don’t know whether this type of person who’s really interested in this … level of minutiae and detail, whether it’s 10 people, hundreds or thousands, but it doesn’t matter. That’s who we put this together for. However many or few they are. The book, the same thing. At first I thought, this is going to be viewed as the most self-indulgent thing ever. I would die if I read that. Again, Richard was like, “No, no. … You have to think of this not as a biography but really extensive liner notes.”

Especially as I look back, it’s a good thing “Pee-wee” was a very simple score. That was the first thing that struck me when I listened to it because I hadn’t heard it in all these years.

Baca lengkapnya di sini. Ngomong-ngomong soal music box ini, situs BurtonElfman.com meng-update mail list-nya pada tanggal 18 November kemarin, mengabari bahwa kurang dari 175 music box yang masih bisa dipesan dari situs tersebut. Situsnya dapat dilihat di sini.

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