Senin, November 15, 2010

Director George Tillman Jr. On Set Interview FASTER

Tanggal 8 November 2010 (again, old news but I was out of town, so...) situs Collider mem-publish wawancara mereka dengan sutradara George Tillman Jr. Beliau adalah sutradara film Notorious di mana Danny Elfman mengisi score-nya. Saat ini ia sedang menyutradarai film Faster. I don't know what to make of it, so here's the quote:

I think the soundtrack is gonna be great, because I think the whole movie is a journey from where we see the character of the driver driving throughout. You know, the journey throughout the film. And looking at the whole Inland Empire, with the character coming from Los Angeles, from outside Los Angeles, from Bakersfield, also from all the different areas outside of California, there are a lot of opportunities for music. The great thing is, you’ve got a lot of opportunities for… I’m excited by it because I’m going to bring something that we haven’t seen for awhile. There is a lot of blues, gospel stuff that we bring from the Forties and the Fifties that’s going to be thematically played throughout the movie that really has a lot to do with the film. When the driver shows up as this revival tent and there’s this whole religious undertones and overtones for the movie that really guides these characters. So I’m interested in bringing a blues, gospel, religious aspect. A darker side, with blues to the soundtrack that will kind of open it up, so I’m really excited about bringing that aspect to the film.

...I was listening to all kinds of music and there was this one blues song, it’s this song, “John the Revelator” that he sings at the end of the movie I’ll be playing throughout. And then I started listening to other stuff, some of the blues back then and some of Robert Johnson’s stuff. I just thought, this is stuff that you haven’t really seen or heard. I’m hoping too that we are still talking about it, like my relationship with Notorious, just dealing with Danny Elfman and trying to get him back in the movie and just put this and put Danny Elfman, who wants to do different kinds of things and use a lot of his blues soundtrack. I’m just thinking there is a lot of opportunity for that because we have three different stories and three different styles, and there are some really cool things that we can do with that and the soundtrack at some point.

Baca lengkapnya di sini. Faster yang diproduksi oleh studio Castle Rock Entertainment ini akan dirilis tanggal 24 November 2010. Film ini dibintangi oleh antara lain Dwayne Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, Tom Berenger dan Moon Bloodgood.

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