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Berikut kutipan dari situs Runmovies:
Generally I don’t deal with temp scores. I don’t even listen to them. PLANET OF THE APES and RED DRAGON were exceptions where I did want to listen to the temp because I wanted to know what to avoid - both of those having previous movies and scores that went with them. One is a remake and one is a prequel to a really well known and very well done movie. I wanted to be aware of what Howard Shore had done in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, and then I thought, “All right, that’s what it is. I neither want to put all my energy into avoiding any nuance that’s similar, but also I want to make sure that I’m not directly falling into something that is the same.” If you put all your energy into avoiding something, then it becomes an obsessive thing that will eventually dictate the tone of the score, and I didn’t want to do that. Howard and I happen to have a lot of tonalities that are very similar. In PLANET OF THE APES, though, I heard the Jerry Goldsmith score and said, “What I’m doing is so radically different, I don’t even have to think about it. Having heard it now, I won’t even think about it again.” With RED DRAGON, it was different because tonally the movies are very similar, so it was something I had to be aware of. I knew already that Howard was one of the few composers with whom I’m going to have a certain amount of overlapping even on films that have nothing to do with each other. When SILENCE OF THE LAMBS came out, I remember thinking, “Wow, that was very close to BATMAN!” The main theme of BATMAN was working exactly the same scale as SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. I remember being relieved that I hadn’t been exposed to it because some people might have said, “Oh, one’s copying the other.” I knew he wasn’t referring to me in any way, but I’ve been aware since then that we tend to use the same kind of minor scale repeating motifs. Even though ultimately his style is much different than mine, there is an area, especially in a kind of modal, melodic, scale dynamic, that is similar, and I needed to be aware of that.

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