Senin, Juni 25, 2012

Men in Black 3 Liner Notes

Score produced by Danny Elfman and Steve Bartek
Orchestrations by Steve Bartek, Edgardo Simone and Dave Slonaker
Orchestra conducted by Pete Anthony
Score recorded and mixed by Dennis Sands and Shawn Murphy
Additional arrangements by Edward Shearmur and T.J. Lindgren
Score conforming by Deborah Lurie
Score recorded at Sony Picture Studios, Streisand Scoring Stage and Studio Della Morte
Score mixed at Todd AO West

Score published by Colpix Music, Inc. (BMI), administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Berikut ini kutipan lengkap dari sutradara Barry Sonnenfeld:

The first time I met Danny I was intimidated. I had to walk through a spooky dark forest to get to his house. I was meeting one of my favorite composers of film scores, and I was about to hear the first cues he had written for Men in Black. (I won't mention his stuffed cat).
Danny's initial music was everything I wasn't looking for. It was light, breezy and funny. After taking a long breath, I told him what I hoped he'd do for the film: "Make MIB more manly. More emotional. Don't help me with the comedy. Please."
Danny got it instantly. His score for Men in Black was everything I hoped it would be. He made MIB feel big and muscular. His score for MIB3 is even more. Danny has creatively taken the familiar and made it new and unique. He uses the perfect themes from the first movie, and makes them new, hip, energetic and emotional.
In addition to writing a fantastic score, Danny is just great to work with. Smart, easy, friendly, funny, relaxed, surprisingly ego-less, and brilliant.
Thank you, Danny.

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