Senin, Oktober 07, 2013

Danny Elfman on Tim Burton, The Simpsons and his return to singing live

Berikut kutipan dari artikel The Guardian tanggal 2 Oktober:
More remarkably, he will sing compositions he wrote and recorded in 1993 forThe Nightmare Before Christmas. It will be the songs' first live performance (not counting the millions of children who howl along to them in front of the TV), and the first time Elfman has sung on stage in 18 years.
"I'm scared shitless," he says, raising a weak smile. To be perfectly honest, he looks it. He's a slight, softly-spoken man with orange-tinted specs that match his marmalade hair. We are seated on sofas in a cavernous, wood-floored room in his Los Angeles base, Studio Della Morte, where instruments (several gongs, a discarded accordion on the floor) compete for space with macabre props (cow skulls, dolls in various states of metamorphosis or dismemberment) and oddball paintings (a hare with boxing gloves). "Until I get to rehearsals this Saturday with the BBC Orchestra, I do not know what to expect. It would be typical for me to have bitten off more than I can chew. If I hold true to form I'll have gone a bit too far."
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