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Movie Wave me-review soundtrack Epic, berikut kutipannya:
An early highlight is “The Selection”, where an unmistakably Elfmanish choir is added to a more dynamic, dramatic arrangement of the fluid main theme. But the echoes of Powell are heard a few more times – the very next cue, “Ambush”, could easily be by the British composer. A key difference, particularly compared with Powell’s more recent scores for animations, is that there seems to be a greater structure to Elfman’s music – it’s still mostly at a frantic pace, but the composer keeps it all musical, the album isn’t a parade of tiny cues flitting all over the place – and that coherent sound certainly helps with the enjoyment. When Elfman does slow down the pace, this offers some of the score’s most magical moments – “Tara’s Gift” is absolutely lovely (and you’d never mistake it for anyone other than Danny Elfman), “Antlers” is (appropriately enough) pretty epic, and best of all is the conclusion, the sweeping “Return”, which is approaching vintage Elfman. The frequent action music is lively and energetic, indeed the whole album is entertaining, though it lacks truly the truly memorable melody that would elevate it to something a bit more special and allow it to be considered with the composer’s best.
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