Minggu, Desember 19, 2010

CD Review: The Best Scores of 2010

Pada tanggal 13 Desember 2010 yang lalu, Daniel Schweiger merilis daftar score terbaik tahun 2010 versinya di situs Film Music Magazine, termasuk di antaranya adalah The Next Three Days, berikut kutipannya:

There have been far splashier Danny Elfman scores this year with ALICE IN WONDERLAND and THE WOLFMAN, not to mention pictures that did far better at the box office. Yet it’s Paul Haggis’ terrific, and unfortunately neglected film where Elfman delivered what’s arguably one of his most interesting and dramatically effective scores in many a beast-filled moon. Here the accent is on the family noir, as constantly propulsive rhythms move a suburban dad to break his beloved wife out of stir. And we know exactly the kind of anguish, and fatherly love that’s driving his actions in Elfman’s understated music, with remarkably flowing themes binding the score, with all roads leading to the big, relentlessly suspenseful nine-minute breakout that stands as one of the composer’s most remarkable action cues, or pieces of music for that matter. When tender pianos, a gospel voice and a near fairy-tale melody finally reunite a family torn asunder, the effect is one of supremely moving understatement, showing Elfman as much a master of the human condition as he is of the fantastical creatures that are more often put in his scoring crosshairs.

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