Jumat, Juni 17, 2011

Danny Elfman Discusses Musical Approach New L.A. Cirque du Soleil Show

Situs Billboard.biz menurunkan artikel mengenai musik Danny Elfman untuk Iris, berikut kutipannya:

"It was all completely evolutionary as it came together," Elfman told Billboard.biz at the Kodak Theatre, where the show "Iris" opens in previews July 21. "In a weird way it was nothing like working on a film. It was closer to working with Twyla Tharp on the ballet."

Elements of the score heard Thursday in the rooftop scene were clearly inspired by film noir classics, Alfred Newman and "West Side Story," which Elfman acknowledged. Otherwise, he says, the music was designed to complement the ideas of writer-director Philippe Decouflé.

"There are two characters, so there are throughlines for them. Does it make logical sense like a script? Absolutely not. This is a surrealistic homage. You get a sense of characters moving through the story, but the story is very much a dream."

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