Rabu, Juni 15, 2011

Master film score composer, Danny Elfman, shares stories and speaks on his career and craft

Wawancara Mike Ragogna dengan Danny Elfman sekarang sudah dapat didengar audionya. Berikut kutipannya:

Oh, yeah, there are a lot. Right now, his talent makes me miserable because he is so good and even more prolific than me but I can't dislike him because A, he is a good guy and B, he is a great composer, and that is Alexandre Desplat. I think he is the motherf**ker on the street that has to be reckoned with for other composers right now in my mind. Not the most successful, but that doesn't define who the best is.

Dengarkan di sini. Transkripsinya dapat dibaca di sini (duluan transkripnya dari audionya..).

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