Rabu, Juni 15, 2011

The Darkened Theater Composer Discusses His Transition Into Scoring Dramas Like 'Batman'

Buzzine mem-publish bagian kedua dari wawancara Danny Elfman di Grammy Museum, berikut kutipannya:

Each one of Tim’s films would open another door. Pee Wee opened a big door. After Beetlejuice, then, “Oh, he can do fantasy. Okay. Crazy fantasy.” After Batman, it’s like, “Oh, we can give him big films and darker films.” And afterEdward Scissorhands, it was like, “Oh, well he can do romantic.” So all the early Tim films, each one of them marked, equally, another door, because then I was trying to work in every genre. So I was really aggressively trying to always get out of every niche that I was in. I wanted to do romantic, I wanted to do ridiculous, I wanted to do dark… Bernard Hermann was able to do everything, and I wanted model myself after him. And Jerry Goldmsith can do everything, every genre. So, to me, these were the guys who I felt like, even if I could never approach their level of talent and musicianship, I wanted to try to go, if I could, for the level of versatility I found that they were showing.

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