Rabu, Maret 28, 2012

Film Music Magazine March Soundtrack Picks

Daniel Schweiger di situs Film Music Magazine merekomendasikan musik Danny Elfman untuk Planet of The Apes yang baru dirilis La-La Land Records, berikut kutipannya:

Danny Elfman has often played primal aggressiveness for director Tim Burton in such rampaging scores as “Sleepy Hollow” and “Mars Attacks.” But none of their collaborations would grab the composer’s furious instincts like Burton’s redo for “Planet of the Apes.” Sure Jerry Goldsmith had the percussive idea first when he accompanied Charlton Heston into The Forbidden Zone, but leave it to Danny Elfman to run rampant with those animalistic beats and ethnic wind instruments. While the orchestra is ever present here, it’s a swirling, unbound beast, with anything resembling pleasant melody hosed down in a cage until the climax. Grinding, pounding, screaming brass is the thrust of this “Ape” score, an approach that definitely makes this at times near-dissonant “Planet” soundtrack its own, assaultive animal in the franchise’s cannon, and the one that arguably best conveys the most nightmarish aspects of a future man never reckoned on making. 

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