Minggu, Oktober 28, 2012

Danny Elfman Talks Tim Burton, 'Simpsons,' and Why He Found the Anvil Film 'Emotionally Wrenching'

Situs Billboard melaporkan acara penyerahan Maestro Award kepada Danny Elfman di acara Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Film and TV Music Conference tanggal 25 Oktober, berikut kutipannya:
Elfman said "the emotional side" of Hitchcock's story attracted him to Gervasi's picture. He had no intention of mimicking Herrmann, lest it sound like parody. As he rightly pointed out, John Williams' "Jaws" theme and Herrmann's "Psycho" shower scene music are perhaps the two most recognized bits of instrumental sound from any two movies ever.
Elfman was a huge fan of Gervasi's documentary about hard-luck Canadian metal band Anvil. "I take exception to the 'Spinal Tap' allegory," he said of the film. "In fact, the movie was so wrenching emotionally, my wife and I had to stop the first time. We couldn't finish it. We had to come back and finish it. We found it really engaging. One can look at it and say 'Spinal Tap like' because they're a crazy rock, heavy metal kind of thing. But it was really moving. Very rare that we have to pause before the last act of the film because we're almost afraid to see how it ends."
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