Sabtu, Oktober 06, 2012


Situs Filmtracks me-review score album Frankenweenie dan memberi empat bintang. Berikut kutipannya:
Buy it... if you are consistently engaged by Danny Elfman's mastery of gothic storytelling, his themes and narrative in this work a showcase of the composer's reliable fantasy and drama modes.
Avoid it... if you expect Elfman's thematic identities, despite their tender and raucous range and entertaining execution, to be original enough to consider this score transcendent in the composer's career.
Overall,Frankenweenie is extremely entertaining in nearly of its ranks, despite some regurgitation and simplistic themes from Elfman. The parody material, from the opening logo to the monster-fest at the climax, is tremendous fun. The "Electricity" and "Re-Animation" duo is equally engaging. As surprising as this may seem, it's the lighter two themes that, while very pleasant, fail to carry the same ingenuity and memorable character. Still, this is a very solid score that is pure Elfman magic at its heart, and, as a superior companion piece to Dark Shadows, it reaffirms the composer's mastery of gothic storytelling.
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