Selasa, Februari 08, 2011


Tanggal 30 Januari yang lalu, Craig Lysy dari situs Movie Music UK me-review album Batman Returns yang baru dari La-La Land Records. Review-nya panjaaang, berikut kutipannya:

I must commend La La Land, Neil S. Bulk, Dan Goldwasser and M.V. Gerhard for providing a superb reissue of this classic score. The score was re-mastered by James Nelson from Shawn Murphy’s first generation three-track digital mixes and the sound quality is pristine and excellent – a most welcome development given the poor recording of the original. In Batman Returns we see a significant maturation of style as well as more complex and sophisticated orchestration. Elfman not only builds upon the foundation he laid in Batman but introduces several new themes from which he intertwines and plays against each other with extraordinary effect. While the original film was all about Batman, in this sequel, the villains are more prominently featured and the score reflects this. The themes of the three principal characters are as much a part of them as their very sinews, and the score is perfectly attenuated to the film’s imagery. I highly recommend this score and believe it to be one of the best efforts in Elfman’s canon.

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