Selasa, Februari 08, 2011

The Next Three Days Music By Danny Elfman

Situs Examiner mem-publish review soundtrack The Next Three Days, rating lima bintang. Berikut kutipannya:

There was a reason why i picked this score as one of the top 20 of 2010 in my view and it's because Eflman's score is so engaging, so melodic and not to mention really exciting.The lengthy running time of over 71 minutes which includes Moby's songs don't feel like a very long album because of it's pace and it doesn't wear out it's welcome. It's a perfectly done album with the right amount of music and very good sequencing as well.

It's never too late to review a great score and album and The Next Three Days is just that. It's the quintessential Danny Elfman action score. Like The Kingdom and Proof of Life before them, this is one is a true standout of his recent works and I really hope he does continue this trend in his future scores.

Whichever version of this score you decide to get, it's worth it! This one is a real winner!

Baca lengkapnya di sini. Ngom-ngom, dari mana si Alberto Iglesias sempat terlibat apa segala, ngawur berat.

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