Jumat, Februari 11, 2011

Disney’s Buzz Lightyear Battles Sharks in Hong Kong Park Contest

Berita mengenai Hong Kong Disneyland, berikut kutipannya:

Walt Disney and state-owned Shanghai Shendi Group Co. plan to jointly open the first Disneyland Park in China in Shanghai. The Shanghai government is spending 40 billion yuan on infrastructure for the park, expected to open in 2015, in the city’s Pudong area, according to the Shanghai Daily.

“We’ll probably go to Shanghai Disneyland instead of coming to Hong Kong in the future because the commute from Beijing is shorter,” said Zhang Wensheng, 40, who went to the Hong Kong park for the first time last week with his six-year- old son. “I heard the park in Shanghai will be much bigger in size too.”

Hong Kong Disneyland, 47-percent owned by Burbank, California-based Walt Disney, will fight back later this year with the unveiling of “Toy Story Land,” based on the exploits of toy spaceman Buzz Lightyear and his cowboy friend Woody. The latest film in the series was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. Disney is hiring musician Danny Elfman to compose music for another attraction “Mystic Point,” which along with “Grizzly Gulch” will be ready by 2014.

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