Minggu, Maret 24, 2013

Danny Elfman "Edward Scissorhands" Full Orchestral Score

Omni Music Publishing menerbitkan sheet music dari Edward Scissorhands, berikut kutipannya:
Widely considered Danny Elfman's masterpiece, Edward Scissorhands is expertly engraved and handsomely bound. Never before has its equal been offered for purchase. Contents include all 37 music cues from the film composed by Danny Elfman, a contents page, instrumentation list, and an exclusive interview with the composer about different aspects of the film-scoring process and his personal reflections on the music that would influence a generation of composers.
Omni Music Publishing has included all the details that were adjusted, re-written and re-orchestrated at the scoring stage — this is THE definitive edition! I am hoping that there will be more volumes of film scores treated as thoroughly as this one. — Steve Bartek, Elfman orchestrator
Harganya $75, cek lengkapnya di sini.

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