Sabtu, Maret 02, 2013

Walt Disney Records Presents Oz The Great and PowerfulOriginal Motion Picture Score Soundtrack

Press release resmi untuk score album Oz: The Great and Powerful, berikut kutipannya:
Elfman said, "I didn't really go in with any sense of what I wanted to do other than just to follow the film. It was incredibly clear because the characters and what they were doing, and what their quests were, and what needed to be done, were all laid out, so I fell into it very easily." Elfman employed a traditional orchestra for the film to give the music a classic feel. He relates, "Sam did want a very strong, traditional feel to this movie. I think there has always been the feeling that we'd like to try to give it a classic feel and a timelessness."
In an interview with the Los Angeles Times Raimi said, "Danny has a grand arsenal of musical abilities. He's able to create a sweeping gigantic sound that can really describe a tremendous scale and help us create this very unique world that Frank Baum wrote about, the land of Oz."
Baca lengkapnya di sini, hati-hati spoilers.

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