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James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Sam Raimi & More Are Off To See The Wizard

Buzzine mewawancarai beberapa orang termasuk Danny Elfman, berikut kutipannya:
Nicole Rayburn: You’ve worked on so many phenomenal films in your career – what sets this one apart from the rest?
Danny Elfman: You know, this movie was one of those really, really rare ones. I've done close to 80 films and I can't think of, in the last 15, 20 years, where I've done anything where it just came so naturally and easily. It's just one of those knock-wood, "I wish they were all like this..."
But Sam and I talked a little bit and I just fell right into the groove, and the very first things I came up with became the themes. Usually there's a lot more struggle involved and I'm used to that, so to have it not happen, it was almost like a dream. So this really was my dream project.
NR: What was the collaboration process like?
DE: Well normally, I don't start on a movie until it's done. There's a director's cut, I look at it, and then I get ideas, and I go home and I work on it. In this one, Sam needed some of the music before he started shooting, so he came to me early on with the script and he says, "I need a waltz because they're going to dance to this waltz onscreen." So I quickly wrote a waltz and I gave it to him, and I said, "Here, it's a little music box theme." I didn't know that a year later I'd be coming back going, "Oh, yeah, is that the thing I wrote for you?" and it became the witches' theme in the movie. I'm just lucky that I wrote something that I liked a year later, because it could have been otherwise.
NR: Did you drawn any inspiration at all from the first movie?
DE: Really, no. The only thing we decided up front was that we would have no references to The Wizard of Oz, that this was its own entity and disconnected in every way, except the story links and that we're learning how Oz becomes the Wizard. But musically, we knew up front that we would not be touching anything from the movie—the original movie.
NR: Well, you have such a distinct sound that your music is instantly recognizable. What was it in particular about OZ that inspired this score?

DE: Well in this one, it's just one of those things where there's such a fabulous landscape to work in that it was just real easy to kind of cut loose and not be restrained, which is really fun.

NR: Did you have any particular characters who really got your creative juices flowing musically?

DE: Well, always it's the villain, so the witches. The witches' music was the most fun for sure.

NR: Well, the villains are also a big part of what Sam Raimi does – much of his work is very dark, whereas this film is a lot lighter.

DE: Well, this is definitely not like a Sam horror film, but he definitely has some moments in it that get pretty wild and crazy ... because it's still Sam. I mean if there's one link, whether it's a comedy or a horror film or a fantasy, it's always just a little crazy.
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