Selasa, Maret 05, 2013


American Film dari American Film Institute mewawancarai Danny Elfman, berikut kutipannya:
I had a kind of unique situation in the writing of OZ. I’ve had a very busy, hectic year, and I was a little worried about my energy, coming into such a big score. And for reasons that I still haven’t figured out, I fell into the most rhythmically perfect writing period that I think I’ve ever experienced. Without trying, I fell into the themes really easily and I just started writing it. And every day I was looking at what I’d written and I was going, "I’ve never written that much before!" I’m used to writing, struggling to get two minutes a day and I was finding three and three and a half and even four-minute days, but I wasn’t trying! It was really weird. I actually finished the score two and half weeks, three weeks ahead of schedule, which is incredibly bizarre. It was such a magical thing that when I went back to work on my next film it was more like my usual torturous process.
I’ve actually had extended dreams where I say in the dream "This is ridiculous, I’m dreaming!" And some technicians come out and go, "No, no, no... you’re hooked up to a hard-drive, everything you’re working on is getting saved." "Really?" "Absolutely." "This is fool-proof?" "In fact, there’s a redundant backup system, even if it crashes, everything’s being saved." So I continue writing, I continue working. And of course, I wake up, and it’s like "Nooooooo...!"
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