Selasa, November 05, 2013

Danny Elfman's Incredible Concert of Tim Burton Film Music: Our Review

Berikut kutipan dari review untuk konser Danny Elfman di Los Angeles:
The finest moments included the suite from Edward Scissorhands, a fan-favorite dripping with icy heartbreak and anchored by Elfman's Jewish folk melody for Edward (with a virtuosic interlude provided by a "gypsy band," led by violinist Sandy Cameron's incendiary fiddling); the choral ode to Alice in Wonderland, an infectious melody that rides a minor-third ostinato through Lewis Carroll's brain by way of Burton's; and (my personal favorite) the suite from Big Fish, which began with a bittersweet guitar/violin duet of the score's love theme and bubbled up into choral-backed, orchestral triumph.
The crowd went the wildest for Elfman's own appearance onstage, as he strutted out near the end to give voice to the skeletal "pumpkin king." The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of Elfman's greatest achievements (his songs and score are now perennial classics), and it was priceless to watch him gleefully personalize the performance with his own vocals. He hasn't sung publicly in the United States since the farewell concert of his old band, Oingo Boingo, on Halloween night in 1995, so his presence felt extra charged -- and his performance was electric.
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