Selasa, November 05, 2013


Bulan Juni 2013 yang lalu, FSM me-review soundtrack Epic dan memberi rating 4, berikut kutipannya:
As delightful as the opening “Leafmen” is, its Celtic dance rhythms and Riverdance orchestral feel are reminiscent of Patrick Doyle’s recent work on Brave. There are a few moments in the opening “Pursuit” where hints of the classic Danny Elfman style peak through, and some of the action writing bears his stamp as well. Other elements feel more akin to a Remote Control project. That said, Elfman’s melodic construction is still as strong as ever, and he maintains a magical lightness even in the score’s darker moments, a telling element of the composer’s masterful style. The wordless choir may not be “la-la”-ing as much as in the past, but the general effect is the same.
The comedic writing, as in “Meet Dad,” is one of the score’s driving elements. “The Selection” is another standout cue, with magical orchestral writing featuring bells, piano arpeggios, wordless chorus (also appearing ethereally in “Rings of Knowledge,” the most Elfmanian cue of the CD), and solo wind lines. The following “Ambush” is another amazing action track with intriguing dissonance as it begins.
Bagi pelanggan FSM, baca lengkapnya di sini.

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