Selasa, November 05, 2013

Men in Black III

Tahun lalu, FSM me-review soundtrack Men in Black III, berikut kutipannya:
As for the score itself, it’s a great deal like the ones for the first two films. The M.I.B. theme appears plenty of times to remind you of what you’re watching, the lyrical Kay music makes an appearance, and there are plenty of action tracks that mirror those employed in the earlier outings. Electric guitar is more prominent this time, but there isn’t a whole lot else that reflects the shift to the earlier period in the story.
The album highlight is probably the main title sequence; in about five minutes, Elfman sets up the opening, introduces the main theme, and transitions straight into the underscore. After that, much of the disc is a groovy action-adventure score that picks up momentum and diversity as it goes—fans may actually prefer popping this score into their players rather than revisiting the earlier two. “Under the Bridge” and “The Mission Begins” deliver great action music, while “Mission Accomplished” presents more of the touching Kay music. A key change for the melody moves us into “A Close One,” which in turn gives way to the primary M.I.B. theme. The final track is a“revisited” version of the main titles with female chorus and guitar improvisation against the rhythmic motif of the main theme. The piece feels like an “alternate” version bonus and ends without much fanfare.
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