Selasa, November 05, 2013

Dark Shadows

Tahun lalu, tepatnya Mei 2012, situs FSM me-review soundtrack Dark Shadows, berikut kutipannya:
Elfman’s score for Dark Shadows is interesting for several reasons: First, the composer eschews almost all notion of a ’70s period setting, leaving it up to the source songs to provide the same. The latter are available on an effective if eclectic compilation album featuring the likes of Iggy Pop, the Carpenters, Alice Cooper (who cameos in the film) and also curtailed versions of two Elfman tracks. Absent are many of the mannerisms listeners have come to expect from Elfman, leaving room for a large-scale gothic score that’s dark rather than whacky, addressing the 18th-century origins of Barnabas Collins. Secondly, Elfman provides a master class in maintaining a balance of harmony and scary dissonance. The closest comparison might be The Wolfman, which becomes a consistently beautiful listening experience, particularly on the generous album.
Whether or not the Dark Shadows score has to be separated from the film for greater appreciation is debatable, but the album from WaterTower is more than recommendable. On its own, Elfman’s effort is a delicious horror score of strong thematic and orchestrally intricate flavor. The “Prologue” cue is without doubt its poster-piece. Listeners will be drawn to this rather than the middle portion of the disc, for which the finale easily compensates. Taking last year’s Real Steel into consideration as well, there’s no reason anyone should stop seeking out Danny Elfman scores anytime soon.
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